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Per Sjöberg
Occupation CEO
Employer TriOptima
Location London

Per Sjöberg is the chief executive officer of TriOptima, a post-trade processing company. Sjöberg replaced Brian Meese as CEO in May 2012.[1][2]

In February of 2017 Sjöberg said he would leave the business to pursue other ventures, two months after TriOptima's parent company, ICAP, rebranded as NEX Group. He will be replaced by Stuart Connolly.[3] Sjöberg will continue to provide advisory services to the company.[4]


Before becoming CEO, Sjöberg served as executive vice president at TriOptima. [5][6][7]

Sjörberg was installed as CEO in a company effort to realign its business model to match the pace of change in the post-recession OTC derivatives industry.

MarketsWiki Interview

Per Sjöberg of TriOptima Discusses the Changing Regulatory Environment & Portfolio Reconciliation & Compression
The ongoing regulatory overhaul is forcing more firms to find ways to reduce risk and improve capital efficiencies. TriOptima has been working with firms on both issues using its triResolve service for portfolio reconciliation and triReduce services, for portfolio compression. The firm’s services have helped terminate over $110 trillion total notional volume in interest rate swaps since 2008. Per Sjöberg spoke recently with JLN’s Jim Kharouf about the changing landscape. Published June 12, 2012.Watch at[8]



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