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*[[Anthony Tassone]], Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
*[[Anthony Tassone]], Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
*[[Eric Detterman]], Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
*[[Eric Detterman]], Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
*[[Jospeh Heenan]], Vp of Engineering
*[[Joseph Heenan]], Vice President of Engineering
*[[James M. Falvey]], Advisory Board
*[[James M. Falvey]], Advisory Board
*[[Donald R. Wilson]], Advisory Board
*[[Donald R. Wilson]], Advisory Board

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Green Key Technologies
Founded 2013
Products Technology products and services, voice collaboration platform
Twitter @GreenKeyTech
Website http://www.greenkeytech.com
Blog http://greenkeytech.com/news/

Green Key Technologies, also known as GreenKey, is a technology company that offers an encrypted global Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network for firms involved in the financial markets. Its patented cloud-based “software turret” replicates the functionality of legacy hardware turrets in a single software program. Its offering includes searchable text files from recorded conversations. The firm has offices in Chicago, New York, London and Singapore. As of 2016, GreenKey’s VoIP network includes more than 300 of the world’s largest banks, brokerage firms and trading firms. [1] In August 2016, GreenKey announced a partnership with Tradition and Tulletts Prebon where the firms will utilize GreenKey's speech recognition tools. [2]

Company History

Green Key was founded in 2013 and its first product, the "block pool" was launched in September 2013. The block pool is an environment for brokers to accommodate both voice and electronic indications for anonymous block crossings.[3] [4]

Green Key was awarded a patent from the United States Patent Office for the design of their OTC liquidity allocation process called “Decline Ratio Matching,” which operates within the Block Pool platform.[5] The matching algorithm sorts and ranks participants by how likely they are to accept the deal price they are currently quoting based on their historical response rates.

In November 2013, Green Key launched "Trader Voice Box," a suite of voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) applications that digitally record and store conversations on private, secure voice networks without hardware.[6]

90 days into the company's initial launch, Green Key decided to scrap the block pool completely and focus 100% of the company's resources on building voice software. In September 2015, the company announced it had been granted a patent for the "soft turret" functionality.[7]

In September 2015, Green Key entered into an exclusive partnership with RANSquawk, provider of real-time audio news for the financial markets.[8]

Also in September 2015, the company added Chicago trading firms DRW and Eagle Seven as equity partners, and added DRW founder and CEO Donald R. Wilson as a member of the advisory board, joining other recent additions Jill Sommers, former CFTC commissioner, and David Rutter, former ICAP head of electronic broking. [9] GreenKey won Waters Technology’s Most Promising Sell-Side Start Up Award for 2015[10] and received an Innovator Award from FIA.

In February 2016, the firm announced that it had released its first web-based platform, running on OpenFin’s HTML5 container technology. Green Key also announced a third party partnership program, with Trading Technologies and OpenFin as the first third parties to join.[11]

In March 2016, Green Key appointed Paul Christensen, former Goldman Sachs executive, as its new CEO. Co-founder Anthony Tassone took on the newly created role of Chief Product Officer.[12] Also in March, GreenKey announced a partnership with Symphony for a voice quote capture tool.[13] In April, the firm announced an instant messenger aggregator, that will launch in early May that allows firms to retain messages sent over 3rd party platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Yahoo or AIM.[14]

In July 2016, GreenKey Advisory Board Member Jill Sommers published a blog focusing on compliance with the CFTC's rule 1.35 and how technology can help firms comply. [15]

Key People


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