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Why Sign Up?

One of the fabulous things about a wiki is that everybody can contribute to it, and edit its contents. One of the WORST things about a wiki... is that everybody can contribute to it, and edit its contents. A wiki with unrestricted access is very vulnerable to vandalism, both from programs that attempt to destroy content and from malicious people with too much time and too little common sense.

MarketsWiki values integrity and accuracy over the risks that come with totally open access, so we've come up with a compromise: we'll allow anyone to edit the content (so long as they don't abuse that privilege) once that person is a part of the MarketsWiki and Newsletter community.

In other words, if you're a subscriber to either the John Lothian Newsletter or the Environmental Markets Newsletter, you can register here with MarketsWiki. Once that's done, you simply log in here and you're off and running to add content and make changes.

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The John Lothian and Environmental Markets Newsletters provide unique commentary and a daily overview of the news and events in the securities, futures, derivatives and environmental markets. Where other sites and newsletters focus on changing prices, our newsletters cover the events and people that move and shape the entire financial industry.

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