Steve Drummond

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Steve Drummond
Occupation Carbon consultant and corporate finance
Employer Bainton Capital Partners
Location London
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Steve Drummond leads his own carbon consultancy and corporate finance advisory firm in London. He is a managing directory of Bainton Capital Partners[1] He was one of the founders of CantorCO2e, formed in 2000 and served as Co-CEO with Josh Margolis. He left the firm in May 2009.


Prior to joining CantorCO2e, Drummond served as a partner of project finance at PriceWaterhouseCoopers where he led financing teams for power plants in Australia and Indonesia. He also worked as the firm's global leader for climate change advisory services.[2]

Before joining, PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 1997, he worked at National Power Plc. in the United Kingdom for eight years on various strategic and commercial roles, and four years in China developing and financing new investments.


Drummond earned his Masters of Business Administration from Warwick Business School, UK in 1993. His thesis was on the management of multinational corporations.

He has a diploma in management studies from Bristol Polytechnic, UK and a BSc Hons mechanical engineering from the University of Leeds, UK.


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