Stephen McComb

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Stephen McComb
Occupation Senior Vice President
Employer IncubEx
Location Chicago
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Stephen McComb is a Chicago-based economist and environmental and energy executive who currently serves as a senior vice president of IncubEx.[1][2]


McComb joined IncubEx in 2019 as a senior vice president. He spent six and a half years at the Intercontinental Exchange in environmental market roles after it acquired the Chicago Climate Exchange in 2010.

At the Chicago Climate Exchange, he was a manager for business development in the renewable energy certificate markets

McComb has also serve as an economist for the State Utility Forecasting Group at Purdue University.

He has also been a member of the Ontario Energy Board.

McComb served in the Canadian armed services for three years as an infantryman.


McComb holds a bachelor of science degree from Dalhousie University in the fiend of economics. He also holds a master of science in the field of environmental applied science and management from Ryerson University.


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