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  • ...with features such as deal capture and post-trade functionality, including debt management for high-end companies and central banks, as well as treasury so ...ange markets. They enable pricing of thousands of securities sub-types for government, emerging markets, high-grade, high-yield and money market bonds; calculate
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  • ...ober 15, 2008}}</ref> Investors also measure the health of the [[corporate debt]] market by tracking the [[spread]] between yields and prices of T-Notes an
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  • ...(T-bonds) are 30-year [[debt]] securities issued regularly by the federal government that pay a fixed interest rate ([[coupon]]) every six months until maturity ...ttlenecks in the troubled short-term [[interbank]] lending and [[corporate debt]] markets, where they are borrowed for use as [[collateral]].<ref>{{cite we
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  • ...eld]]s form a [[benchmark]] security level for other forms of [[short-term debt]] such as [[commercial paper]] and the [[LIBOR]] interbank rate. ...url=|name=Philippines Government rejects bids for 91-day T-bills|org=The Philippines Star
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  • Companies and individuals that can't get loans by issuing [[bonds]] and other debt instruments to the [[capital markets]] must approach private loan providers ...the recent freeze in [[credit markets]], borrowers can also apply to U.S. government loan programs, which generally carry a more competitive interest rate. Fede
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  • ...and 10 [[commercial]] banks, as a platform to [[trade]] futures on Spanish government bonds. Spain’s [[derivatives]] sector was restructured in 1991, combining ...gether with the AIAF fixed-income exchange and Senaf, a venue for public [[debt]] trading. The BME listed 30 percent of its shares on the [[Madrid Stock Ex
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  • ...1 offices. It is one of 21 primary dealers who are permitted to trade U.S. government securities directly with the [[Federal Reserve Bank of New York]]. === Debt Capital Markets ===
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  • ...alone, more than half stemming from mortgage-related securities. The U.S. government stepped in twice to rescue the company with bailouts totaling $45 billion.< ...f about $300 billion in [[mortgage]]s and other risky assets that the U.S. government agreed to backstop in late 2008.<ref>{{cite web|url=
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  • This would have allowed the Treasury to purchase bad [[debt]] (mostly [[mortgages]] and [[mortgage-backed securities]]) through an [[au used to provide [[capital]] to distressed companies and tackle consumer debt, rather than buy [[illiquid]] mortgage-related assets. (The Treasury had al
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  • ...b is a bank-sponsored platform designed to boost the electronic trading of government bonds and related instruments. The platform went live on October 22, 2007, ...ore more than a year to create a change in the way interest-rate swaps and government bonds are traded. "While other financial markets and asset classes have mov
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  • ...f companies that wanted to raise money from investors. The company sold US government war bonds during the First World War. <ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.telegr
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  • *[[CME Group JGB]] (Japanese government bonds) ...rst interest rate futures product in the mid-1970s -- futures on [[GNMA]] (Government National Mortgage Association) instruments launched in October 1975 on the
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  • Government securities are securities issued by a country with very little risk of [[de ...gations (mostly with 13-, 26-, and 52-week maturities) sold by the federal government through competitive bidding.
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  • ...European, Japanese and Australian government bonds, US mortgage and agency debt, as well as interest rate swaps.<ref>{{cite web|url= ...heets; it also worked with the Central Bank of Ireland during the eurozone debt crisis.<ref>{{cite web|url=
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  • ...(cum laude) in 1995. He also completed course work in market economics and debt capital markets at Harvard Business School and MIT’s Sloan School of Mana [[Category:Bios - Government]]
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  • ...ny also operates BSE Bond, an electronic platform for private placement of debt securities. Trades on the exchange are cleared on the [[India Clearing Corp ...inance-Tec City in Ahmedabad, an international business zone set up by the government for foreign investors. It launched in January 2017 and runs on [[Eurex]]'s
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  • ...rivatives exchange. A joint venture between Financial Technologies and the government-run [[Dubai Multi Commodities Centre]] {DMCC), a free-trade zone. ...her exchange he founded, the [[National Spot Exchange Ltd.]], prompted the government to suspend trading.
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  • ...traded funds, trade finance, and trust and securities services, including debt and equity services and structured finance. Its corporate finance services include: advisory; equity capital markets; debt finance; commercial real estate; UK corporate brokering; client coverage; i
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  • ...debt, leading it to take a $5 billion infusion from an arm of the Chinese government in exchange for securities that would be convertible to 10% of its shares.
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  • ...001424052702303299604577326031119412436.html|name = 'London Whale' Rattles Debt Market|org = The Wall Street Journal|date = May 12, 2012}}</ref> The bank o ...n/|name=JP Morgan: “Tens of Thousands of Episodes of Unlawful Trading” Government Settles Complaint Against Banking Giant for Almost $1 Billion|org=John Loth
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  • ...evenue collection, and the borrowing of funds necessary to run the federal government. The Department works with other federal agencies, foreign governments, and ...ry, Alexander Hamilton, pushed for federal assumption of Revolutionary War debt, and was instrumental in the development of the first U.S. fiscal agent, th
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  • ...strant's capital unless such capital contribution consists of subordinated debt contributed by: ...e laws of the United States and regulated, supervised and examined by U.S. government authorities having regulatory responsibility for such financial institution
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  • ...of England was founded in 1694 to act as the government's [[banker]] and [[debt]] manager. Since then, its role has developed and evolved, centered on the ...ed on 27th July 1694. The Bank started life as the government's banker and debt manager, with 17 clerks and two gatekeepers. In 1734, the Bank moved to Thr
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  • Citadel is a holder of [[common stock]] and debt instruments of [[E*TRADE FINANCIAL]]. Citadel founder and CEO [[Kenneth C. ...iness, continuing its challenge to bank dominance of trading in government debt and derivatives. Citadel intended to use this as a first step to build a br
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  • ...he oversaw Bloomberg's coverage of the White House and Congress as a U.S. government team leader.<ref>{{cite web|url= ...nkruptcy]] protection Dec. 8 as boss [[Sam Zell]] tried to renegotiate its debt.<ref>{{cite web|url=,CST-FIN-tick20
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  • ...nufacturing starts and gross domestic product reports are released by U.S. government agencies and have the potential to act as catalysts for market movement. ...ay of each month, allow customers to directly manage their exposure to the government labor number or to offset positions in [[financial markets]]. The Nonfarm P
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  • ...ate]] by a nominated maturity date. They are issued by different levels of government (federal, state and local) and larger corporations to raise [[capital]] for ...rice on maturity. Collectively, bonds and other tradable IOUs are called [[debt]] and considered the counterpart to [[equity]].
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  • ...began pulling money out of investment markets with high levels of external debt. This forced the value of both the forint and the stock market into a downw ...e=February 17, 2009}}</ref> Its disproportionately high levels of external debt and current account deficit left it vulnerable to investor fears that the c
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  •<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Debt|org=Investopedia|date=April 14, 2009}}</ref> There are several different types of debt, including [[bonds]], [[loans]] and [[commercial paper]].
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  • ...ptions]], where he was responsible for global listed [[derivatives]] for [[debt]], [[equity]], [[FX]] and [[commodity]] products. Callahan rose from a jun ...d of Global Money Markets trading. He also worked as a senior trader in ML Government Securities.
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  • ...n 1,000 different Swedish and Danish fixed income products such as Swedish government bonds and Danish mortgage bonds as well as products from Finland and Icelan Through Nasdaq Baltic, Nasdaq offers access to Latvian and Lithuanian government bonds as well as corporate bonds. <ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.nasdaqbalt
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  • ...of financial risk, ranging from sovereign risk (a nation defaults on its [[government bonds]]) to operations risk (a bank's computer crash stops it from maintain in early October 2008 may have helped restore risk appetites as [[government bond]] spreads began to narrow, especially on the [[money market]].<ref>{{c
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  • ...tied to a basket of assets, including gold, fiat currencies, or government debt.<ref>{{cite web|url=
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  • ...ent of Auditing Standards No. 91]], governs what constitutes GAAP for U.S. government reporting entities.<ref>{{cite web|url=|n *[[Debt]]
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  • ...url =|name = Largest Bond Fund PIMCO Cuts US Government Holdings|org = Gold Anti Trust Action Committee|date = February 15, 2011}}<
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  • ...problems uncovered by auditors. Cassano said if he was still involved, the government wouldn't have had to accelerate a massive $40 billion rescue payment to the ...ts as part of its plan to pay back its debt and thus free itself from U.S. government ownership. Each warrant represents the right to buy one share of AIG at an
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  • ...cite web|url=|name=Sovereign Debt|org=Financial Times Lexicon|date=August 23, 2011}}</ref> ...ticker/article/391552/is-sovereign-debt-the-new-subprime|name=Is Sovereign Debt the New Subprime?|org=Yahoo! Finance|date=August 23, 2011}}</ref>
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  • ...ubled assets, mostly belonging to Merrill. In return, BofA had to give the government another $4 billion of [[preferred stock]] plus [[warrant]]s.<ref>{{cite web U.S. bank also announced about $11.6 billion of settlements with government mortgage finance company [[Fannie Mae]] to end allegations the bank imprope
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  • Corporate debt refers to all [[bonds]] and bond-like instruments that corporations issue t ...8}}</ref> In the U.S., corporate bond [[yield]]s are higher than same-term government bonds because of their greater risk, and coupon and redemption payments are
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  • ...raising capital than a traditional bank. A bank holding company can assume debt of shareholders tax free, borrow money, acquire other banks and non-bank en
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  • ...and fall with Treasuries, which are the debt securities issued by the U.S. government. To attract investors, a bond that contains greater risk than that of a sim ...rve is used as a [[benchmark]] for determining the yield on other types of debt such as [[mortgage rate]]s or [[bank lending rate]]s, as well as to predict
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  • ...lars, select foreign currencies, U.S. Treasuries, select foreign sovereign debt, asset-backed securities and agency bonds.<ref>{{cite web|url= *[[U.S. Government Agencies]]
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  • [[Investor]]s lend money to a corporation when they buy debt such as [[corporate bond]]s intending to profit from [[interest]] payments ...[[mortgage-backed securities]] and other impaired debt for higher-quality government bills.
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  • ...e adjusting [[interest rates]] - [[fiscal]] policies like [[taxation]] and government spending are still left to the euro's member nations. ...analysts called its "nuclear option" - buying [[public]] and [[private]] [[debt]] to shore up [[liquidity]] in "dysfunctional" [[market]]s and lower [[borr
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  • ...s such as SIVs (structured investment vehicles) and CDOs ([[collateralized debt obligations]]).<ref>{{cite web|url= the company agreed to pay about $20 billion to settle legal claims from government agencies and private investors.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://http://www.reuter
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  • ...m replaced the [[Automated Bond System]] platform which allowed trading in debt securities.<ref>{{cite web|url= ...default insurance policy by the Export Development Corporation, a Canadian government agency.
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  • ...h that term in the U.S. refers only to bonds of 30-year [[maturity]] while government bonds of shorter duration are called [[Treasury notes]] (T-notes) and those [[Category:Debt]]
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  • ...s, including nearly a third of the [[Fortune]] 100, as well as a number of government and [[nonprofit]] organizations and individuals.<ref>{{cite web|url=http:// *Distressed Debt and Claims Trading
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  • ...s by providing up to 250 pounds of [[loan]] guarantees to help refinance [[debt]] and unlock frozen [[capital markets]].<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.bloo ...nt-to-begin-selling-rbs-shares-1433966401|name=George Osborne Says British Government to Begin Selling RBS Shares|org=The Wall Street Journal|date=June 11, 2015}
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  • ...d the debt markets, causing investors to dump securities issued by the two government sponsored enterprises. Subsequently the Treasury department issued a statem
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