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Donald Ross III

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Donald Ross, III is the CEO of [[PDQ Enterprises]], the owner holding company of [[CODA Markets, Inc.]] (formerly PDQ ATS). He succeeded his father, [[D. Keith Ross, Jr.]], as CEO in October 2016. (Keith Ross became executive chairman of the company.) <ref>{{cite web|url=|name=PDQ Enterprises Names Don Ross as CEO, Announces Launch of CODA Markets and Institutional Expansion|org=PDQ Enterprises|date=November 30, 2016}}</ref>
== Background ==
Before joining PDQ Enterprises, Ross spent most of his career at GETCO (now [[KCG Holdings]]), where he served as head of North American equity trading, overseeing trading and technology development for liquidity services across all listed securities in the U.S. and Canada.
He started his career as a summer intern with GETCO in 2001.
== John Lothian News Interview ==
Read Jim Kharouf's interview with Don Ross [ here]
== Education ==
Ross holds a B.S. in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University.<ref>{{cite web|url=|name=Board of Directors|org=PDQ Enterprises|date=December 1, 2016}}</ref>
== References ==
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