Shaun D. Lynn

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Shaun D. Lynn
Occupation President
Employer BGC Partners
Location London
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Shaun D. Lynn is president of BGC Partners. He sparked the idea of creating BGC as a separate business from Cantor Fitzgerald and became one of BGC’s co-founders in October 2004. He spearheaded the broking operations of the company globally and played an integral role in BGC's 2008 merger with eSpeed, Inc. [1]


Prior to his position with BGC, Lynn was executive managing director of Cantor Fitzgerald International, where he held management positions including leading its Eurobond desk after joining that firm in 1989 as a Bund broker. Earlier roles in the capital markets included serving as a UK equity dealer with Paul E Schweder Miller & Co. and as Associate Director in charge of broking at Purcell Graham Incorporated.



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