Rami Habib

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Rami Habib
Rami Habib.jpg
Occupation CEO
Employer ALGO Technologies Ltd
Location London
LinkedIn Profile
Website http://www.algotechnologies.com

Rami Habib is co-founder and CEO of ALGO Technologies Ltd, a New York - and London-based technology firm serving financial exchanges, and specializes in algorithmic trading, execution, and market data services.[1] He also serves as CEO of Algo Engineering Europe, which provides connectivity and data services and as co-founding director of AlgoSpan, which provides ultra-low latency fiber networks. Both firms are affiliated with Algo Technologies.

He also serves on the advisory council of Secquarero Advisors, a Zurich-based consulting firm specializing in reinsurance and investment risk.[2]


Habib was named CEO of Algo Engineering Europe in 2007 and, in March 2010, he co-founded Algo Technologies along with Hirander Misra and Alexei Lebedev. Before that, he spent four years at venture capitalist KTH Fund Management, a joint venture with The Kyte Group and Talisman Global Asset Management.

Earlier in his career, Habib spent four years at Fimat/Societe Generale as a quantitative analyst.[3]


Habib earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, a master's in applied mathematics and a Ph.D. in computational fluid dynamics, all from the University of Leeds.


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