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Orc Liquidator is an algorithmic trading engine offered by Orc Group, that enables users to run a large number of complex trading strategies.[1] It is a server-based development and trading platform for deploying custom automated trading strategies. It is used by market makers, high frequency traders and volatility traders at proprietary trading firms, hedge funds and investment banks.

Liquidator allows firms to deploy low latency strategies rapidly, with a short time to market and fast implementation of trading strategies for tech savvy traders. It allows traders to update strategies on the fly and supports most exchange-provided order types.

Orc handles the market connectivity so its clients do not need to do in-house maintenance or upgrades. Liquidator can send 20,000 orders per second and is scalable up to 32 instances of a strategy, including floating point calculations.

Liquidator is integrated with Orc Trader for automatic quoting, trading and hedging, synthetic order types, volatility management, pre-trading analysis, risk management, risk reports, and pricing parameters management.


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