Matthew Haraburda

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Matthew Haraburda
Occupation President
Employer XR Trading
Location Chicago
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Matthew Haraburda is a derivatives markets executive. He is the president of XR Trading, a proprietary trading firm based in Chicago specializing in futures trading.


Haraburda started his career in the markets in 1995 at the Chicago Board of Trade, while working his way through school. He was involved in the early days of electronic trading in Chicago, including working on the a/c/e partnership (Alliance/CBOT/Eurex) with CBOT and Eurex. He briefly worked with an ISV (independent software vendor)and then for Deutsche Boerse, primarily supporting the CBOT-Eurex alliance.[1]

He has also worked for exchanges, including as head of technology for U.S. Futures Exchange, LLC and in business development for Eurex US. He also worked for YesTrader.

Before becoming president of XR Trading, Haraburda was head of operations.

He is the brother of Mark Haraburda, the CEO of


Haraburda holds a bachelor of science degree in finance from DePaul University in Chicago.


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