Hiram N. Sager

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Hiram N. Sager

The late Hiram Norton Sager was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and served twice as its president, in 1906 and again 1907.[1]

Sager was a member of the CBOT for over 33 year, having joined in 1884. He served as managing director, secretary and treasurer of J.H. Dole & Company, which was created in 1852. From 1884 to 1902 he was with the firm Norton & Company.


Sager was born on June 20, 1859 in Seacombe, England.

During Sager's terms as president of the CBOT there was a threatened telegrapher's strike. Sager appealed to President Theodore Roosevelt help avert the strike, which Sage said would "result in serious and widespread injury to commerce our the country."[2]

Sager was a participant in an investigation by a congressional committee into price manipulation on U.S. exchanges.[3]

He served as president of the council of North American Grain Exchanges in 1911.

He was a member of the Colonial Club and the Chicago association of alumni from the University of Wisconsin.


Sager graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


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