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Financial Markets Group
Founded 1987
Headquarters London (LSE)
Web site

The Financial Markets Group is a European center of academic research into financial markets. The Financial Markets Group Research Centre was established in 1987 at the London Stock Exchange (LSE).


It was founded by Mervyn King, current Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Products and Services

The group has developed links with the user community including investment banks, commercial banks and regulatory bodies and attracts support from both private and public city institutions.

The work of the Financial Markets Group currently includes sponsorship of major research programs in the areas of pensions, the hedge fund industry, fixed income and risk management.[1]

Key People

The Financial Markets Group is led by Professor Dimitri Vayanos and brings together a team of senior academics and young researchers to undertake theoretical and empirical research in the areas of financial markets, financial decision-making and financial regulation.


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