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Financial Economists Roundtable
Founded 1993
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Web site

The Financial Economists Roundtable (FER) consists of a group of senior financial economists. The group strives to better inform the public and financial economics profession of timely issues in the markets and investment institutions. Their gatherings promote the interaction of financial intelligence and an in-depth analysis of current issues.


The FER was founded in 1993 with an administrative office at Loyola University Chicago. The group meets annually to discuss micro economic issues in investments, corporate finance and financial institutions and markets. When a consensus is met, they release a statement signed by all the supporting members and release it to the media as well as relevant policy makers.

Products and Services

The FER has released statements on many issues including regulations on Derivatives, [1] Hedge Funds [2] and the collapse of Long Term Capital Management [3]. Most recently they met in 2008 to discuss the concerns regarding Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. [4] [5]


The steering committee is made up of representatives from Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Maryland, University of Southern California, London School of Economics and Loyola University.

Key People

Richard J. Herring, George G. Kaufman and Lemma W. Senbet


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