David Grayson

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David Grayson
Occupation Director and Co-Founder
Employer Auerbach Grayson
Location New York
LinkedIn Profile
Website http://agco.com/

David Grayson is the director and co-founder of brokerage firm Auerbach Grayson, a brokerage firm specializing in providing international securities research, execution, and settlement for U.S. institutions through a partnership network of 103 foreign brokers and banks worldwide.<ref}Biography of David Grayson. U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.</ref>


Grayson began his career in financial services at Discount Brokerage Corp., one of the first discount brokerage firms. He subsequently served in various positions including executive vice president and chief operating officer.

Before starting Auerbach Grayson in 1993, Grayson served as CEO of DBI Holdings, a financial company with two brokerage subsidiaries. DBI was later acquired by ABN AMRO and Grayson served as managing director of U.S. brokerage operations for them.

Grayson served as chairman of the Institutional Firms Committee of the Securities Industry Association (SIA). He is also a former member of the International Committee of the SIA and a former member of the New York Stock Exchange Specialty Firms Advisory Committee, and Disciplinary Hearing Committee.