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Why A Contest?
    Wiki sites often discourage a sense of competition between contributors, keeping the focus on community participation without comparison. At MarketsWiki, we prefer to be less timid and more inclusive than that. We want to provide a place where occasional contributors, scholarly researchers and the more game-oriented people can all coexist.

    If you're somebody who likes to do deep research, great! We need those long articles. If you just like to fix a typo now and then when you stop by to read an article, great! Our articles will be cleaner and better presented because of your visits. And if you like the idea of being able to say, "Ha! One more article and I've got more page edits than Jon," well, we think you should be able to have some fun with that too.

MarketsWiki hosts occasional contests and maintains ongoing challenges for its contributor community. This page serves as the central point of information for what's running. If you're new to this wiki, don't worry. Anybody can join in anytime. Most of what we offer here is just a way for people to have fun with their contributions as they add and update information.

Got an idea for a MarketsWiki contest? Let us know! Send email to Jon Matte or edit the talk page for this article.

Do you have a wiki user id yet? Unlike many wiki sites that have free editing access and constantly fight vandalism, MarketsWiki can be read by anyone, but edited only by people who specifically sign up to have a vested interest in the success of the project. So if you aren't a contributor yet... join us! Visit the Signup page for details.

And now, on to the list of contests and challenges.

The Great Contract Challenge

MarketsWiki invites and challenges our global community to invent the next great exchange contract. We've got the wisdom of the world to create an outstanding exchange product, and the eyes of exchanges who are interested in listing a high-quality product that you design.

If you've got an idea for a futures, options, equities or OTC contract, go to the Great Contract Challenge page and get started! And since this is a wiki, if you can contribute improvements to an existing idea you're welcome to do that.

Current Contract Ideas by Category
Futures Options Equities OTC
  • Create a contract!
    (see rules above)
  • Create a contract!
    (see rules above)
  • Create a contract!
    (see rules above)

Wiki Most Wanted

Wiki Most Wanted is an ongoing challenge where we post the most-used topic that doesn't yet exist in the wiki, and keep track of the contributors who step up and create those articles. How can a topic not exist and still be used? What's the current word? Who's been participating so far? Go see the Wiki Most Wanted page for details!

June 3, 2008 -- This contest page is up and running now -- go have fun!

Questions Answered

Whatever happened to...
What's the history of...
How do you...

Got a question about the history, people, products or practices in the financial world? Ask them on the Questions Answered page. There's a lot of knowledge in our community, and there's a good chance that somebody here knows the answer. If not, then somebody is bound to do some digging and create the answer and article.

If you're not a contributor to the wiki, you can still ask us questions! Send email to Jon Matte and he'll post your question on the page.

Page Edit Leaderboard

This isn't really a contest or a challenge, but if you're curious to see who's doing how many changes and additions to the wiki, the Page Edit Leaderboard is the place for you.