Charles Cottle

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Charles Cottle
Occupation Owner
Employer RiskDoctor
Location Flagstaff, Arizona
Twitter @RiskDoctor
LinkedIn Profile

Charles Cottle is the founder of Risk Doctor, a trading program designed for professionals. He is a former CBOE and CBOT options trader and was director of instruction at the International Trading Institute. Since 1999 Cottle has offered a variety of options training programs.[1]


Cottle began trading on the CBOE and CBOT in 1981 before becoming a director of the International Trading Institute, where he worked with market makers, brokers and early electronic programmers. In 1995, he published the book, “Options: Perception and Deception” as a base for his future training courses. [2] [3]

Cottle published a series of educational videos on options trading on Youtube in 2010.[4]


Cottle Received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder - Leeds School of Business in 1979.


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