Auctos Capital Management

Auctos Capital Management
Founded 2007
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Managing Partner, Kevin Jamali
Products Commodity Trading Advisor, Commodity Pool Operator

Auctos Capital Management, LLC is a Chicago-based commodity trading advisor (CTA) and commodity pool operator (CPO) launched in September 2007 by Kevin Jamali. It is headquartered in offices in the Chicago Board of Trade Building. [1]


Auctos was organized as a limited liability company in Delaware in September of 2007. It has been registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator since October of 2007. It is a member of the National Futures Association.[2]

Auctos initially traded two market systems. In 2009, it expanded to eight systems using three different strategy sectors. Its strategies include directional, spreads and pattern recognition. They focuse on uncorrelated, shorter-term systems.

As of January 2011, Auctos had $25 million of assets under management. That was up from $10 million under management as of February of 2010.

Products and Services

Auctos strategies include 70 different profit and loss line items that are generated in 40 outright markets and 30 spread markets. The equally weighted models have a target of 10% annualized standard deviation and a drawdown of less than 15%. The firm uses historical data to conduct various robustness tests and aims to avoid over optimization.

Auctos offers managed accounts under CFTC Rule 4.7. to exempt Qualified Exempt Persons.

Key People


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