Anuj Gangahar

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Anuj Gangahar
Occupation News Editor, Investing
Employer Wall Street Journal
Location London
LinkedIn Profile

Anuj Gangahar is a London-based journalist. He currently serves as Europe banking and investing editor at the Wall Street Journal.<re>WSJ names Gangahar its Europe banking and investing editor.</ref>

Previously, he was an Asia Editor at Euromoney magazine. Also has served as a senior equity markets correspondent with the Financial Times, focused on equity markets and exchange coverage. [1]


Prior to joining the FT in 2006, Gangahar served as the U.S. correspondent in New York and the hedge funds editor in London for the Financial News. He has also served as deputy editor of London's Global Investor Magazine, Euromoney Institutional Investor.


Gangahar received a BSc in Chemistry and a master's degree in Finance from Imperial College in London. [2]


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