Ann E. Berg

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Ann E. Berg
Occupation Senior Consultant
Employer UN-FAO

Ann E. Berg is a senior consultant for United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UN-FAO).

She has worked as an independent consultant with Financial Markets International, Inc.[1]


Berg began her career as a grain exporter, engaging in international contract negotiations, hedging, execution, shipping, arbitrage, cost/risk analysis, and physical swaps.

In 1982, Berg became a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and operated as an independent futures trader for 18 years. She was elected twice to the board of directors of the CBOT and served on the executive committee of the National Grain Trade Council in Washington D.C.

Berg has advised foreign governments, the United Nations, Catalyst Institute, and multinational and foreign corporations on a variety of market related issues. Since 2000, Berg has served as an arbiter for the North American Export Association. She has worked on commodity/capital markets projects in Turkey, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, Canada and most recently India as a member of the FMI’s B.A. (international relations), Johns Hopkins UniversityCommodity Futures Market Project team. In 2007, she organized a commodity exchange conference for the UN-FAO in Istanbul that included participants from dozens of countries.

Berg has written for various media outlets, and is an exhibiting artist. She has worked on a body of work entitled The Unknown Unknowns – The Things You Don’t Know You Don’t Know, which explores U.S. national security policy.[2]

In 2008, she was quoted in a media story as saying that unchecked and poorly regulated speculation was one of many distortive forces driving commodity markets higher than they would go if supply and demand were the only factors, but that government efforts to rectify those forces often created more distortion.[3]


She received a B.A. degree from from Carleton College.


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