Andrea Enria

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Andrea Enria
Occupation Head of Supervisory Regulations and Policies
Employer Bank of Italy
Location Rome

Andrea Enria is the head of the supervisory regulations and policies department at the Bank of Italy in Rome.

He was also appointed as chairperson to the European Banking Authority (EBA) on January 13, 2011, where he is is responsible for preparing the work of the board of supervisors, and he also chairs the meetings of the board of supervisors and the management board.[1] In his first interview after being named chairman of the EBA, Enria said that he would use a "top-down" approach in his position and plans to use a single set of rules to put more controlled oversight on banks, which could potentially emasculate the EU regulators. [2]


Prior to his position as the head of the supervisory regulations and policies department at the Bank of Italy, he served as senior economist in the financial structures unit, directorate monetary and financial sector, and in the directorate general research of the bank where he covered issues such as competition policy, bank ownership and group structures, implementation of community legislation, supervisory cooperation, analytical issues on banking supervision and financial stability.[3]

He served as secretary general of the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS), and as company secretary of CEBS Secretariat Limited.

Enria also worked for the European Central Bank, and served as head of the financial supervision division, directorate financial stability and supervision, from 1999 to 2004.


Enria received a masters degree in economics from the University of Cambridge.


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