Alan Donoghue

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Alan Donoghue
Occupation Chief Executive Officer
Employer Oak Markets Pte
Location Singapore

Alan Donoghue is the CEO at OAK Markets Ltd, a high frequency, algorithmic, quantitive market maker and proprietary trading company.

Previously, he was the CEO of the Singapore-based high frequency algorithmic trading house, Nyenburgh Asia. While at Nyenburgh, Donoghue headed trading and corporate strategy. The company had come to provide liquidity to many regional Asian exchanges as a market maker. [1]


Donoghue was a founding partner of Nyenburgh's trading arm, where he grew the company into a market maker in the cash markets. Market experience, gained over the past two decades, helped Donoghue in his formulation in founding the company and its trading strategies. [2]

Donoghue has taken part in a number of industry events including moderating at several events at Derivatives World Asia and sitting on the panel for the Technology Strategies for Co-Location and Proximity Services in Asia Webinar.[3] [4][5] In 2012, he participated as a speaker during the FIX Conference.[6]


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